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Business associates comparing reports

4 Important Financial Reports for Business Owners

The world of accounting can be confusing, especially if you don’t have a background in finance and if math isn’t your strong suit. It can quickly feel like numbers, business jargon and spreadsheets are flying around at high speeds, just looking for an opportunity to throw your business off-track.

Business partners looking at documents

Bookkeeper, Accountant, or Fractional CFO? Which Do You Need?

If you run a small business, then you know there are several parts of your company that your operations rely on. Marketing gets your name out to prospects. Sales connect people with the goods and services they need. Accounting tracks the money. It seems simple enough. But is it?

Business Woman on a laptop

Navigating a Confusing Economy with Outsourced Accounting

The economy is in one of its most uncertain periods in recent memory and many business owners are looking to tighten and optimize operations. There are many ways to do this: focusing on key performance indicators, setting clear procedures while streamlining services, and digging deep to identify what customers really want.

Professional working on accounting and HR documents

The Key to Sustainable Business Growth

As business owners, we often find ourselves buried in tasks that keep us from focusing on the primary reason we ventured into entrepreneurship. The Profit Firm believes that every entrepreneur deserves the freedom to concentrate on their core objectives.

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